- Fine Art -


    There were several objectives with this piece. I wanted to create a recycled piece that demonstrated 'Americana,' and the idea of depth and color theory. 

    Using bottle caps that were flattened by hand, I arranged them within a metal funnel in a color gradient to draw an observers view inwards. 


Recycled aluminum, aluminum rivets, 15" x 15" x 8"


    The theme given for this MIG welded sculpture was the idea of "lift." Working with that, I created 'Exclamation,' a conceptual piece, that demonstrates lift through through the thought of a lifting voice.

    Past the obvious idea that the sculpture is a 3.5' tall exclamation point, I wanted to show that the "lifted exclamation" had already been made by someone, or something, by making the sculpture appear as though it had exploded from the context in which is was used. 


Steel tubing, and sheeting, 13" x 13" x 43.5"


    Growing up, I lived in a rural country area surrounded by wooded areas and farm fields, and as a child I can recall the erie feeling that I always felt when I would walk past our floor-to-ceiling windows at night. A reoccurring sense of feeling as though I was being watched, and the idea of the unknown lying within the dark woods. 

    With "Faces" I wanted to create a visual for the unknown, and answer the internal though of "is someone watching me?"


15 pieces, plaster mold pressed ceramic, 7.5" x 9"